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Hi, I'm Dan!

Dan McCaffrey has been a dog lover since childhood, but didn’t actually own his first dog until 2014. What started with learning to train his own dog quickly became a whole new  passion–to help dogs reach their highest potential and thrive in a human society, while providing owners the confidence and peace of mind to enjoy their four-legged companions. Dan takes an immense amount of pride in his work and truly focuses on building a strong relationship with his clients. It’s no surprise that so many now call him a friend!

After leaving the banking industry in 2015, Dan attended the renowned Michael Ellis  School for Dog Trainers in Santa Rosa, CA. While there he learned about the driving  forces in learning theory, classical and operant conditioning, and the application of each in the world of dog training. Also taught were the uses of various training tools with the end goal being high motivation for a dog to engage with it’s owner, and understand accountability. 

Immediately upon arriving back in Jax Beach, Dan founded Coastal K9 and hasn’t looked back.  

In his personal life, Dan has an incredible wife, Brittany–who is a National Director in Commercial Banking–a 3 year-old son named Connor (also called “Connor Chaos”), and his three dogs Kovi, Aska and Moka. When he is not training dogs or at the beach, Dan loves to golf and take family trips up to north GA to enjoy the  mountains! 

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Obedience Intensive – Michael Ellis School for Dog Trainers

Advanced Obedience – Michael Ellis School for Dog Trainers

Household Management for Dogs – Leerburg Online University

Training Small Dogs-Leerburg Online University


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